Church of the Exaltation of the Holy and St. Joseph

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy and St. Joseph was originally built not as a place of worship, but as a tomb. Rumor has it that the customer of construction, Vaclav Zhevussky, personally created a project of this unusual building.Construction lasted for more than ten years in 1752 to 1766, he worked on it architect Karol Romanus. The architecture of the church is dominated by the style of the Italian Baroque.

The shape of the church is a rotunda with a diameter of 12 meters, its main attraction and decoration – portico of 14 Corinthian columns on the main fa├žade. On the attic architect posted 8 statues of saints, especially custom made and sculptors Fessingerom Leblasom. Family Vaclav Zhevusskogo considered the patron saint of a kind. Survived to the present day seven of these statues, the eighth was destroyed during the Second World War – say, a sniper hiding behind it. Columns in front of the temple is decorated with statues of Our Lady and St.Joseph, the patron saint of the church.

The interior of the church in 1765-1766, during the completion of construction, the artist painted Smuglevich son. The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy and. Joseph is connected to the lock Podgoretskii 300-meter avenue, lined with old lime trees. In 1861, the church of the tomb became a parish church. The first post-war restoration of the church took place in the mid-70s (from 1945 until now the church was closed). At the moment, held the second – a global restoration of the temple along with the castle, so the tourists can admire only the facade with statues.

Church of the Transfiguration

Initially, in the years 1703-1731, the building was built as a Roman Catholic church of the Order of Trinitarians, but in 1898 by architect S.Gavrishkevicha it was rebuilt in the Church of the Transfiguration.

Temple went down in history as the place of the murder of Father Gabriel Kostelnyk. He was gunned down on the steps of the temple OUN leadership for the process of accession to the Russian Orthodox Church Greek Catholic.

Old and damp dungeons that hold the age-old mystery of holiness and affect the size of their galleries.

In the Middle Ages it was used as a place of burial. Unfortunately, the most ancient tombs have sunk into oblivion, and those human skeletons that have been found by archaeologists in the 90s, moved into a common grave under the stone slab.

But to this day still remained an underground passage that connected the monastery and temple.

Fire Department

On opposite sides of the square Daniel Galician are two magnificent buildings – Building Fire Department building and Puppet Theatre.

Despite the fact that the building fire protection was built in 1899-1901, respectively, from it blows something medieval. Maybe the whole thing in neshtukaturennom brick, which served as the main material for construction, and perhaps in the fact that it still live knights. However, they do not wear chain mail and sword and fire-resistant suit and helmet.

The building was built on the site of a summer theater project Ignatius Bruneck. In the niche under the roof is a sculpture of the patron saint of firefighters, St. Florian, which was created by Peter Wojtowicz. Usually it is a visit to the program include all school trips.

Street Fredra

There was this street in the 1st quarter of the XIX century and the beginning of the street was called St. Nicholas, because through it you can reach the eponymous church. But towards the end of the XIX century it was renamed the street A. Fredra, in memory of the author of comedies about the customs of life of the provincial gentry. The choice fell on the street, because the left side of her he owned a piece of land.

His main literary merit was that he enriched the comedy genre to new social and domestic content closer to the spoken language stage.

Comedy Fredro currently included in the golden fund of Polish literature, as they played an important role in the development of the Polish realistic theater. His plays and gained worldwide recognition – they put in many theaters around the world.